About US

NGT Engineering Pvt. Ltd. exists as a self reliant entrepreneur aiming at production of maximum quantity of excellent and global competitive products through utmost utilization of existing capacity keeping in mind the qualitative aspects of the products in the commercial parlor with safety and social obligation.

Setup in 1968 as one of the iron and steel products manufacturer committed to compete the leading existing industrial companies, this infant commercial company has in the mean time, secured the fulfillment of its dream by embarking upon extension of commercial periphery intruding into large industrial arena by setting up another unit to the growing need and increasing and in season demands of our products in the global market and more demands are also being placed before this company recognizing its vibrant specialty in productivity. The growing demands for our products like stoker and aluminum structures from foreign countries like south America, Philippines,  indonasia, senegal, Thailand and many other countries of Africa (Export through Third Party against CT-I Bond) has widened the ambit of scope of marketing leading to recognition of company’s reputation as one of the manufacturers of highest esteemed  entrepreneurs in the global market. The excellence in production and the system of operation followed in production works is quite compatible and in tune with continuous needed improvement in the wake of the changing circumstances and the nature of demand from abroad.